With our platform you can:

Marketing and Advertising Campaigns

Easily create QR codes for your campaigns, following a few simple steps and be operational immediately, allowing you to accurately measure level of access and ROI in real-time.

Mobile Landing Pages

A powerful online editor helps you create your own mobile landing page in a matter of minutes! Easily load rich content (e.g video, music, images, text) for each of the platform's services.

Geo-referenced Marketing

Use Geo-referencing & LBS (Location Based Services) linked to QR codes on our platform to show stores in your area & how to get to the nearest one. Access the GPS on your mobile device to provide you with interactive maps to guide you to your destination.

Competitions & Prizes

Create from a simple lucky draw, to complex multi-channel & multiple draw competitions, using strong authentication systems & gaming mechanisms.

Anti-Counterfeiting and Brand Protection

A revolutionary system developed for the protection of branded consumer goods and produce. Using unique QR codes generated for each product, it allows batch management & detection of potential falsified product, including alarm systems operational at international level

Traceability systems and Intelligent labels for supply chains

Codes for interactive food or goods: from simple marketing of the product (wine, olive oil, mozzarella, etc.) to a complex system of traceability integrated to the information systems of the manufacturer.

Smart labelling & Traceability systems

Increase consumer engagement & manage supply chains using interactive QR codes on products. Link consumers to additional marketing of the product & even create a complex traceability system that can be integrated into the customers databases or systems

Mobile Couponing and Loyalty

Easily create mobile Coupon schemes or Loyalty programs. Users can generate own mobile voucher or loyalty cards for point collection & rewards, integrating anti-duplication systems that link to customers database. Compatible with POS EAN 8 / 13 UPC barcode readers & scanable directly from mobile device screens

Mobile Ticketing

Automatically generate & manage secure access to events, exhibitions, etc. using mobile devices

Polls and surveys

Creating online surveys or opinion polls & get real-time reports on results

Interactive Business Cards

Incorporate a unique QR code on business cards to instantly transfer contact details or give access to further personal information (e.g. LinkedIn or Facebook profile, web page, blogs etc). Even include interactive maps to find your business location

Integrated Messaging Services

All services of the Quarkode platform can easily be integrated with instant messaging services (SMS, MMS, VoIP, call centres, Newsletters, Email, etc.) as well as social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc.

Mobile CRM & Business Intelligence

The data submitted by & collected from users is automatically saved to our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) platform. Using our sophisticated business intelligence tools, the data can be analysed & presented in detail according to your requirements

Free Quarkode™ App delivery

Users can automatically download the free App for mobile devices, with integrated QR-Code reader via or by sending an SMS with a custom keyword e.g. “yourcompanyname” to +39 349 2410601

The system works internationally and has multi-lingual support

Applications & Services for vertical markets

Real Estate

Property portfolio management, multi-agency management, sales channel

management, and automated promotional ad printing


Product promotion & advertising channel monitoring, customer loyalty programs,

discount coupon management, virtual shopping carts, mobile e-commerce

Media and Publishers

Multimedia content management, reporting, subscription renewal & management,

Competitions & surveys, new customer acquisition

The advantages of Quarkode ™

• Transform off-line to interactive on-line campaigns

• Measure real-time target market response

• Measure success rate based on headcount, channel or location

• Give added value to below the line activities

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Quarkode Platform

The Quarkode platform extends the scope of the QR-Code (originally created to track goods) into the fields of marketing and advertising field, bridging the gap between the world of traditional off-line communication and that of new digital andinteractive media.

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How to read QR-Codes

To read the two-dimensional QR codes you'll need the right software on your mobile device. Almost all the latest handsets (Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc.) will have this software preinstalled.

Download a free reader for your mobile phone here.

Why choose Quarkode?

To date, more than 6,500 different terminals have successfully read the codes produced by the platform.

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