Download the QR-Reader for your mobile device. Once installed, read any type of QR-Code.

To download, visit on your mobile devicethe simple instructions and follow


Send an SMS (text message) containing the word “QK” to +39 349 2410601

You will receive a reply with a link to follow (*).

If you encounter any problems visit, select the manufacturer of your device & see what FREE readers are available for your device.

(*) This service is limited to users of this site and can not be disclosed elsewhere.

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Quarkode Platform

The Quarkode platform extends the scope of the QR-Code (originally created to track goods) into the fields of marketing and advertising field, bridging the gap between the world of traditional off-line communication and that of new digital andinteractive media.

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How to read QR-Codes

To read the two-dimensional QR codes you'll need the right software on your mobile device. Almost all the latest handsets (Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc.) will have this software preinstalled.

Download a free reader for your mobile phone here.

Why choose Quarkode?

We offer a QR-Code reader delivery service to serve all main mobile platforms. This service is multilanguage, customizable, accessible via web or SMS. It handles international SMS traffic thanks to our direct connections with Mobile Network Operators.

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