Quarkode Italy (Headquarters)

Apsis s.a.s.
Piazza Garavaglia 5
Pavia (PV), Italy

Tel +39 0382 539697
Fax +39 0382 306777
N verde 800 12 84 69


Quarkode Iberia

Paseo del Illetas 89, 1a
07181 Illetas
Islas Baleares, Spain

Tel +34 931 816952

Quarkode Greece

Mesogeion 169-171
Marousi 15126
Attiki, Greece

Tel +30 210 6109 441
Cell +30 6978304411
Fax +30 210 3453071

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Quarkode Platform

The Quarkode platform extends the scope of the QR-Code (originally created to track goods) into the fields of marketing and advertising field, bridging the gap between the world of traditional off-line communication and that of new digital andinteractive media.

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How to read QR-Codes

To read the two-dimensional QR codes you'll need the right software on your mobile device. Almost all the latest handsets (Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc.) will have this software preinstalled.

Download a free reader for your mobile phone here.

Why choose Quarkode?

When you create a QR code using our platform, Quarkode™ Analytics will allow you to easily track your customers and their activities & check in real time the return of your investment. This is not possible using conventional free QR code generators. Quarkode™ offers advertisers or agencies, the unique possibility to access real time data for their campaigns allowing for quicker response times & greater flexibility than their competitors.

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