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The Quarkode® integrated platform is web based, accessible via mobile & manages the complete cycle of a 2D-code based advertising campaign; from creation and content management, to real time statistics analysis.

The user friendly interface allows you to create and publish mobile content in a few easy steps, thanks to its powerful built-in wizard.

Quarkode Analytics™ can track the progress of campaigns or contests in real time and generate comprehensive reports. Accurately measure the ROI and KPI of your communication by understanding where, when & how they are most effective. campaigns 

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The platform can easily be integrated with third-party products and can be customized to specific customer requirements.

The Quarkode platform manages multilevel access, allowing for example Media Agencies as well as Brands to plan and track multi-channel campaigns for multiple clients or consumers.

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Campaign Management
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Quarkode Platform

The Quarkode platform extends the scope of the QR-Code (originally created to track goods) into the fields of marketing and advertising field, bridging the gap between the world of traditional off-line communication and that of new digital andinteractive media.

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How to read QR-Codes

To read the two-dimensional QR codes you'll need the right software on your mobile device. Almost all the latest handsets (Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc.) will have this software preinstalled.

Download a free reader for your mobile phone here.

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