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Why choose QR-Code® (over other 2D Codes)?

‘QR’ stands for Quick Response, a 2D barcode technology invented in 1994 by the Japanese corporation DensoWave. Unlike conventional 1D barcodes, QR codes contain up to 4296 characters and can be read by Apps installed on your mobile device, by simply scanning (photographing) the code.

Uses can range from simply launching a URL, to the downloading of exclusive content (text, images, video or sound)


• QR-Codes® are easily identifiable.

• The QR-Code® is an ISO "Open Standard", free from constraints of copyright or patent laws.

• No proprietary reader is needed, compatible with all readers respecting the QR standard

• QR-Code® has now become a standard format across the US, Europe and Asia

Mobile Barcode
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Quarkode Platform

The Quarkode platform extends the scope of the QR-Code (originally created to track goods) into the fields of marketing and advertising field, bridging the gap between the world of traditional off-line communication and that of new digital andinteractive media.

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How to read QR-Codes

To read the two-dimensional QR codes you'll need the right software on your mobile device. Almost all the latest handsets (Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc.) will have this software preinstalled.

Download a free reader for your mobile phone here.

Why choose Quarkode?

All our services are customized to your needs, a single point of contact for your activities from the definition of objectives, campaign management and content until the final check before print materials.

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